Peter Hills Church of England School

WhatsApp Groups

To aid communication between parents, carers and the Friends of Peter Hills, many of our classes have WhatsApp groups, which operate independently of the school.

Class WhatsApp Groups

Class WhatsApp groups are a very useful and efficient way of communicating to the whole class. The aim of using WhatsApp is to send messages to an entire group, which are relevant to school.

The messages in the class WhatsApp groups come from parents in their personal capacity or are messages forwarded on behalf of the Friends of Peter Hills. The school does not post directly on any WhatsApp parent/carer groups.

Code of Conduct

Parents should adhere to the following guidelines when using class WhatsApp groups:

  • The group should never be used as a platform to air views/grievances regarding a teacher, child or parent in the class or school
  • The group is not a political platform for airing opinions on current affairs
  • The group should not be used for private conversations with anyone else using the group
  • The group should be used keeping in mind mutual respect and cultural sensitivity between all its members

Please note, the school considers the following online activity inappropriate:

  • Abusive or personal comments about staff, pupils or other parents
  • Bringing the school into disrepute
  • Posting defamatory or libellous comments
  • Emails circulated or sent directly with abusive or personal comments about staff or pupils
  • Using social media to publicly challenge school policies or discuss issues about individual children
  • Threatening behaviour, such as verbally intimidating staff, or using bad language

The school takes safeguarding responsibilities seriously and will deal with any reported incidents appropriately.

Raising Concerns

If you are concerned about inappropriate comments on a class WhatsApp group, please contact your class rep who will contact the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).