Peter Hills Church of England School

Collective Worship


Collective Worship
Praise, celebration and hope are all essential features of our worship at Peter Hills. We aim to make our children aware of what it means to be a member of a diverse community that is nevertheless committed to serving and caring for each other, our environment and God. We also aim to create an atmosphere in which pupils are invited to explore issues for themselves and have opportunities to reflect on and learn from our own experiences and the experiences of others. Implicit in and integrated through all these opportunities is the development of a sense of tolerance, sensitivity and respect for all God’s creation and to develop a sense of wonder, awe and mystery for the world of which they are a part.

We do not require or pressure children to become worshipping Christians or to take part in any activity that will compromise their own family's faith or religious or secular belief. The spiritual, social, cultural and moral welfare of all pupils, whatever their background is of prime concern to us as a school. Our Christian values are built into our ethos and teaching and reflected in the cycle of themes around which our daily acts of worship are based.

All staff and pupils are invited to take part in collective worship. Regardless of their religous background, we ask that all attending our school accept and promote our Christian values and ethos.

Collective Worship is an essential part of the school’s daily life and follows the pattern below:

Monday: Whole school - led by member of the Senior Leadership Team, introduction of the story/message for the week
Tuesday: Class Based worship - Reflection based on story/message for the week
Wednesday: Whole school - Eucharist Service delivered by linked clergy
Thursday: Whole school - Songs of Praise
Friday: Whole school - Sailing to Success, our celebration worship

Other times for worship
Each class prays before lunch and at hometime. Prayers may be led by the staff or the children. All classes have prayer areas that contain a variety of books, prayers and prayer boxes for quiet reflection or writing their own prayers.

Collective Worship reflections are recorded in one book and this is shared across the school so that each class has a chance to populate and take ownership of how they want to present their themes each week.  They provide opportunities for children to reflect on previous worship,  Christian values and to extend children’s prayer and thought processes. 

There is a special area in the playground where pupils may sit with their own thoughts.

A Eucharist is an expression of Christ in a gathered community. A school Eucharist is all about belonging to the community of the school, the community of the local church, and the world-wide Christian community. Our Eucharist is delivered by Fr Mark (St Mary's, Rotherhithe) and Fr Andrew (Holy Trinity, Rotherhithe).