Peter Hills Church of England School

Life Skills

We understand that learning is about so much more than reading and writing. Our Life Skills curriculum is designed to help children develop the skills that will allow them to get the most out of life.  Alongside the subject based curriculum, each year group has a life skill curriculum which allows them the opportunity to develop and support the learning of these valuable skills. 

Learning life skills helps young people understand who they are and what they want out of life. Moreover, young people grow more aware of their own struggles and those of the people around them. The average student has oodles of real-life responsibilities to deal with. Between juggling homework, extracurriculars, and trying to maintain a social life — it can feel like too much sometimes. Especially with evolving technology.

Complementing our PSHE, SRE and Online Safety curricula, our life skills curriculum falls into the following areas;

- Resilience
- Self Regulation
- Motivation
- Confidence
- Practical skills e.g. tying shoelaces

In addition to our life skills curriculum, we have our Wellness Warriors and Oracy Squad. 

  • Life Skills Curriculum
  • Wellness Warriors
  • Oracy Squad