Peter Hills Church of England School

Project Based Learning

Peter Hills children are the architects of their own learning. The children come to a collaborative decision about a year long project that has one stipulation - it has to positively impact their community in some way. 

Our projects provide a choice to the learner in what they're going to learn, and how - the student needs to work out what knowledge and understanding they're lacking, in order to achieve what they want to achieve while at the same time having fixed elements to support children develop autonomy while learning. Learners are able to find a compelling area of learning and an interesting approach to learning it. It always presents the whole game of learning, the big picture, even if students have to learn some ?expert elements' along the way, they  see where they slot in to a bigger, more epic problem they are trying to solve and this gives them a sense of purpose and audience. All classes throughout the school have dedicated ‘Project Time’ built into class timetables.

Some examples of projects include;

- helping the homeless

- ensuring the school is recycling properly

- how our mental health can be positively influenced