Peter Hills Church of England School

Extended Day Provision

Peter Hills Primary School are delighted to be able to offer our Extended Day Provision. This program is open to children from Nursery to Year 6. The Extended Day Provision consists of structured, stimulating, play and sports related activities that rotate on a bi-weekly basis. A light, home made snack is provided for the children. Children who attend the Extended Day Provision will also have the opportunity to attend After School Clubs, at a reduced cost.

Times and Fees:
The extended day will operate Monday to Friday (during term time only). You can book, using the ParentPay website up to a half term in advance. You can also ring the office to book in advance. There are a limited number of places and priority will be given to children of working parents and those who require a full time place.
The fee schedule is as follows:

£8.00 a session (this equates to £40.00 per week)
3.20pm - 5.55pm

Pick Up:
Extended Day children will be picked up from the back gate (St Paul's Avenue). Please use the buzzer attached to the gate.
Please do not phone the school or message T2P as these numbers are not staffed by the Extended Day Team.
Please use the following contact numbers:

Ad Hoc:

We understand that sometimes, parents may need the Extended Day Provision on an ad hoc basis. If you would like your child to attend, we will accept a telephone calls up until 3pm on the day, subject to availability.

£10.00 a session 3.20pm - 5.55pm

Late Collection:
Late Collection charges, in order to offset any additional staff wages and/or transport costs that could be incurred. are as follows:

5.55 - 6.00 Grace period
6.00 - 6.10 £5.00
6.10 - 6.20 £10.00
6.20 - 6.30 £15.00

If you are consistently late, we will potentially cancel your child’s place.

Payment of fees:
Fees are payable in advance using the ParentPay website or by Childcare Vouchers. A charge is payable for all sessions including when your child is absent from school. Bank holidays and Inset days will not be charged for, nor will you be charged for any closures that are outside of the After School Club’s control (e.g. closure due to severe weather, government polling days). If you are having difficulty paying fees, please speak in confidence to the Admin Officer so that we are aware of the situation.

Changes to days and cancelling your place:

The office must be given at least four week’s notice of changes for termination of your child’s place.
Temporary changes:
Please remember that we need to know if your child/children will not be attending Extended Day Provision for any reason. If you know in advance of any days when your child/children will not be attending please inform the Admin Officer as early as possible. As you have paid in advance for the service, you won’t be reimbursed for missed days.